It is evident Chris’s passion is to live a life of worship and express it through music. He has been writing and singing worship songs since age 15. Chris started sharing his gifting in youth ministries, then led worship for churches, both in the US and Costa Rica. Chris has taken his music to the nations on multiple trips throughout the world. He is a graduate of Convergence School of Supernatural Ministry and later taught and led their worship and was their Outreach Pastor. He has taken groups of musicians to the Brazilian slums, Costa Rican safe houses, Thai human trafficking centers, the poor living in landfills, orphanages, and to the homelands of indigenous tribes.


Chris’s travels are founded in the desire that all come to know and experience the Love of God. It is evident from Chris’s music and ministries that he has a heart for the people he encounters to experience life to its fullest through knowing their Creator and His love. His goal is to draw people closer to God, to change lives and Chris’s music fully reflects this endeavor.


Chris released his latest single, “Oh Your Love” December 2013. This single is the most significant official release from Chris since his debut album, “The Freedom EP,” published in November 2012. Like “Freedom,” Chris's “Oh Your Love” draws listeners into a warm and natural desire to worship God. Chris cites as main artistic influences such artists as the United Pursuit Band, Jesus Culture, The Rend Collective and David Crowder.


Chris writes, “The message of my first album, 'The Freedom – E.P.,' declares the love, relationship, and freedom we have as believers in Jesus Christ. 'Song of Freedom' is a cry of gratefulness and thanks for the freedom we have because of God’s unfailing love. 'Your Grace' was written while worshiping at the beach feeling the acceptance and peace of God’s grace, which always draws us closer to Him. My newest single, 'Oh Your Love,' expresses how we are truly changed when we receive the love of God.”


Chris Deming now resides in San Luis Obispo, California and is a Christian artist and worship leader who plays at churches, youth events, and venues around the US. He also continues his passion for outreach and missions by leading teams locally and abroad.